crash II

The second series of Crash objects, this time exhibited at Craft Victoria for the 2018 ‘Lights Out’ group exhibition.

Crash is a series of experimental design objects created for  Artefacts , a 2018 Melbourne Design Week satellite exhibition. The collection consists of two bowls, two wall lights and a table lamp.

Named after the controversial 1996 David Cronenberg film, Crash is a series of objects that seek to create attraction from the remnants of disaster. What initially appear to be abstract rippling surfaces, are in fact re-purposed sections of car panels salvaged from car wreckers. The most dynamic sections of panel are cut away and sand blasted back to their raw metal state. They are then re-coated in high gloss automotive paint and assigned a new functional purpose. Crash is not an exercise in up-cycling, but rather an attempt to up-end how we relate to a surplus material we usually associate with catastrophe.